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Hotel Secret Garden Breakfast


If you want to enjoy  a diverse, healty and delicious breakfast in Granada during your stay, you are at the right place! Home made bread and granola, fresh fruits, coconut water or juices... Having everything home-made or supplied by local small businesses guarantees that you start your days with the most fresh and quality breakfast you can imagine!


Hotel Secret Garden Breakfast

A gourmet combination of delicious morning treats:

  • Homemade berry granola;

  • Yoghurt,

  • Chia seed berry or local marmalade; 

  • Banana pencake 

  • Fruits;

  • Coffee;

  • Juice;


This breakfast contains the typical Nicaraguan morning dishes - it is delicious and filling.

  • Scrambled eggs;

  • Tortilla; 

  • Gallo pinto (traditional Nicaraguan dish: rice with bean); 

  • Bean puree; 

  • Grilled cheese;

  • Vegetables; 

  •  Fruits;

  • Coffee; 

  • Juice;


If you prefer something more traditional, but not less tasty...

  • Bacon & eggs;

  • Home-made / artesanal bread; 

  • Butter;

  • Cheese; 

  • Ham; 

  • Vegetables; 

  • Coffee; 

  • Juice;

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